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Depression symptoms are different from person to person, but often impact your ability to sleep, enjoy things and be pain free. You may find you have more frequent headaches, have a hard time laughing or cry easily, or you may be gaining weight or losing weight. We all feel sad every now and then, but when these feelings start impacting us on a regular basis or last longer than a week or so, you may have depression.

The good news is that the treatments of the past: harsh medications with odd side effects, long hospitalizations and other ineffective therapies are being replaced with safer, more effective, natural treatment options. If you live in the Suwannee GA area and are suffering from mild to moderate depression symptoms, consider contacting the naturopathic doctors at Nova Clinic for treatment.

Individualized Depression Treatment

There are several different types of naturopathic depression treatments available to Buford area residents today. Our naturopathic doctor will examine you, draw some labs, analyze the results and determine a treatment plan. He may include dietary and nutrient changes, rule out food allergies, consider neurotransmitter issues and discuss the importance of sleep, exercise and other lifestyle modifications.

Depression treatment may change over the course of treatment as you get better and begin to respond. However, you will never be alone, and your  naturopathic doctor will be there every step of the way to guide and coach you until you are happy and healthy again!

Your depression treatment may also involve consulting with other health care providers or referring you to a certain service. Working with our naturopathic doctor will provide you with the best possible outcome.

Effective Natural Treatments for Depression

You don’t want to just mask the symptoms with medications that may make things worse. What you want is to get better. If you live in Gainesville and are seeking a natural treatment for depression, contact our Suwanee Depression Symptoms Treatment Experts at Nova Clinic today to schedule an appointment.

"The natural healing force within each of us
is the greatest force in getting well"



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