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Bringing a new life into the world is an event most families anticipate with joy; however, many experience the pain of fertility problems. These issues can hinder the chances of becoming pregnant and can lead to expensive alternatives to increase fertility. Nova Clinic uses naturopathic treatments and holistic alternative medicine to assist fertility support.

Alternative and Holistic Support

There are several reasons why conception may be difficult. A thorough examination, along with testing and laboratory assessments, can reveal the cause of the difficulty. Once identified, Dr. Patel will create a personalized care plan unique for you.

Discovering the underlying reason for fertility problems is crucial for determining the most effective treatment. Some causes are physical, while others may be due to certain stressors exerted on the body or the emotions. Our holistic approach to identifying health concerns helps determine to what extent the problem may be physical, and if other matters are at play.

Our fertility support consists of identifying and addressing the root cause. A variety of conditions can lead to infertility, for which we have support, including:

Your individualized care at Nova Clinic will be different from the usual clinical experience because we use naturopathic therapies and take a holistic approach. Our methods provide a unique opportunity to address the issue of infertility in a way that takes into account more than just your physical condition.

Safe, Effective Alternative Holistic Medicine

Our naturopathic and alternative methods of approaching health issues are based on scientific research. We use cutting-edge, natural medicines as part of our care plan. Along with your body’s biochemistry, which is a factor, we can determine the most effective method of treatment for you. This unique approach for healing provides results that go beyond the absence of disease.

Nova Clinic offers dependable, effective, patient-centered care. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for fertility support.

"The natural healing force within each of us
is the greatest force in getting well"



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