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Wild about Winter Greens!


If you want to liven up your salads, get wild about winter greens! Here’s a list of cold-weather hardy greens that are packed with nutrition, flavor, and color: Belgian Endive. Add kick to your salad with chopped-up endive leaves. Skip the crackers for your hummus or cheese spread by using a sturdy endive leave, raw… Continue reading

Planning for Your Best Health in 2020


We are nearing the end of January 2020! If you haven’t already thought about your goals and plans for this new decade, let me help you out! A new year and new – or renewed – resolutions. Whether you’re determined to manage weight, reduce stress, strengthen relationships, or volunteer your services, the first step in… Continue reading

Autism Acceptance Month

Autism Acceptance Month

You may have heard that April is Autism Awareness Month, but the truth is, everyone is very much AWARE of autism. We aren’t lacking awareness. We are lacking acceptance and accomodations. A lot of myths and stigmas surround the autistic community, and what exactly we mean when we reference the “autistic experience.” And the best… Continue reading

Fight underlying causes of allergies for lasting relief

A sneezing young woman standing next to a flowering tree.

By DR. TRACY McALVANAH The end of winter seems like a good thing until your allergies go haywire. If you’re tired of allergy meds and always feeling stuffed up and zonked out, consider lasting relief by healing your gut to balance your immune system. It’s hard to believe your digestive tract can affect your sinuses,… Continue reading

Overtraining: Too much of a good thing

Exhausted young athletic woman taking a rest after strenuous activity.

By DR. TRACY McALVANAH Mary was a mother of two who began a vigorous exercise program of weight lifting and running, one to two hours a day, six days a week. Not only did she fail to lose weight, she actually gained weight, and found herself battling fatigue, irritability, and constant colds and flus. As… Continue reading

Adrenals often the wrong target with chronic stress.

young man suffering from headache

By DR. TRACY McALVANAH When stress levels go too high, the first thing many in the alternative health do is support the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are two walnut-sized glands that sit atop each kidney and secrete stress hormones. Popular supplements include adrenal glandulars (adrenal tissue from animals), minerals, B vitamins, and a variety of herbs… Continue reading

Got PMS? Stress could be robbing your body of progesterone

woman practicing yoga

By DR. TRACY McALVANAH It’s the time of the month that so many women dread, the PMS days. For some, premenstrual syndrome is simply an irritating inconvenience, but for others it is a cause of extreme suffering. Yet because it is so common, many women don’t take PMS seriously, even though the effect on their… Continue reading

Lack of sleep; early mornings cause gene changes.

Annoyed young woman covering her ears with a pillow due to sleeping next to her man's snoring.

By DR. TRACY MCALVANAH We all want enough sleep so we’re less cranky and more alert. We want it for our kids too. But recent research found an even more important reason: Sleeping less than six hours a night for one week can lead to more than 700 changes in the way our genes behave. Among these… Continue reading

Do you start each day with a cup of FEAR?

a cup of coffee

By DR. TRACY MCALVANAH Do you start your mornings with your treasured “cup of fear?” As far as your body is concerned, that lovely and seemingly harmless cup of coffee could be tantamount to getting mugged or running from a hungry lion. The physiological reactions caused by caffeine that jumpstart you in the morning are… Continue reading

How stressed are you? An Adrenal Stress Index can show you

Stressed young woman with headache and sore throat.

By Dr. Tracy McAlvanah It’s a constant refrain: We’re too stressed out. But how stressed out are we really? An adrenal saliva test can tell you whether your cortisol (the stress hormone) is too high or too low, whether your circadian rhythm (the sleep-wake cycle) is normal, and also pinpoint the cause of your symptoms:… Continue reading

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