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    The Greatest Wealth is Health

    Functional Wellness is for you if…

    • You want to address the underlying cause of your health concerns
    • You want to utilize natural methods whenever possible
    • You want to be empowered and educated
    • You are tired of a “disease model” of healthcare and are looking for a more natural approach
    • You don’t want to rely on medication or are tired of side effects

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    I’ve never felt this good in my whole life.
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    Working my personalized wellness plan has been life-altering for me.Brandi R: Age 36 (felt 70)

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    Rachel O.

    Great team of doctors! Dr Tracy helped me determine the right diet and supplements for my body. I lost the weight I wanted to lose and my C Reactive Protein number dropped into the normal range!! I highly recommend this practice.

    V G.

    I was introduced to Dr.B by my sister who was also a patient of his and had great success. I most say that going to see Dr.B was one of the best decisions that I’ve made. I have been suffering with chronic fatigue, bursitis pains in my …More

    Suzanne c.

    I’m so thrilled that I found Dr. B by attending one of your info. dinners and signed up right away to be a patient. I was so frustrated with several
    MD’s discounting my Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease and not ever addressing the …More

    Lisa L.

    I love this practice!! They listen to you when you talk to them about your situation. They don’t just gloss over things that you don’t quite understand. Plus the functional medicine is great. I have never felt better. I wasn’t always a …More

    Kimberly W.

    I can’t say enough wonderful things about this team of professionals! It was a blessing I found them. From the first visit I knew I had to seek treatment from them. The research, the testing to the guiding and caring approach to my …More

    Chris R.

    When I first came to Nova Clinic I was in pretty poor shape. I had been through an extremely stressful year with 7 day work weeks, a move, a young child and an emergency room stay with subsequent complications with my spouse. …More

    Susan H.

    I have experienced significant changes in my overall health! Nova Clinic is very focused in helping me reach my goals. I feel like I am no longer guessing about what I should do but have a health plan based on testing and his expertise! …More

    Amy S.

    Nova Clinic has been treating a family member for the past six months or more. During that time we found out about, and got treatment for, an important genetic mutation affecting every system of her body (MTHFR); her depression has …More

    Susan P.

    I began my journey in wholistic/functional medicine years ago. I started seeing Nova Clinic last year & am truly grateful I did. The service & care I’ve received is truly remarkable. Dr. B, along with his entire staff are outstanding. There …More

    Maria Z.

    I have had stomach problems for the last 15 years. Visited many gastroenterologists and they all prescribed the usual: antibiotics and omeprazol. Last year I started to have severe stomach pain to the point it was hard to breath. WMSA did …More

    Patrice W.

    I struggled with migraines to the point of not being functional. After a comprehensive review of identifying what the root cause of my migraines were I’m good as new now. Dr. B and his team were wonderful. I am very grateful.

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